TORONTO - A wild turkey dubbed ‘Turk’ has captured the hearts of Calgary residents in the community of Ramsay after the bird has evaded the dinner table for several months.

A Facebook group devoted to Turk and the animal's whereabouts has over 900 members and dozens of photos posted to Twitter, it’s safe to say this creature has earned local celebrity status.

Memes, fan art and daily postings about Turk roaming the streets and sidewalks of Ramsay populate the Loyal Followers of the Ramsay Turkey Facebook page.

The members quipped about whether their feathered friend would survive Thanksgiving weekend.

“My daughters are nervous about Turk making it through this weekend,” wrote one member.

But a post with a photo of the bird on Sunday afternoon assured he was safe and still wandering the streets.

“Sunday – Thanksgiving weekend – So far, so good. I told him to lay low for a few days,” wrote one community member, alongside a photo of Turk.

Calgary police officer Chris Martin even snapped a picture of the turkey wandering around. “Just came across the Ramsay Turkey. I tried to get a better photo, but he flew the coupe [sic],” he joked in a tweet on Sept. 20.

It’s unclear where Turk came from, but he sure has left a lasting impression on Ramsay residents.