WARNING: This video contains footage viewers might find disturbing

RCMP are investigating a serious incident in Burnaby, B.C., in which a driver was caught on camera running over a traffic controller at a construction site then hitting another.

In video uploaded to Reddit Wednesday evening, it appears a flagger was directing traffic at a site where construction crews were re-paving a road.

A white SUV is shown in a newly paved road section that is closed off from traffic. It’s not clear how the vehicle ended up in the newly paved section or what prompted the bystander to begin filming.

The driver of the SUV appears agitated that they can’t merge into traffic and angry that the flagger isn't stopping the other vehicles to let them move in.

The bystander recording the incident is heard telling the traffic controller holding the flag: "He might run you over.” (sic)

Moments later, the driver hits the gas, knocking over the traffic controller, merging into traffic and speeding off. Mounties say a second flagger was then hit off-camera.

Both flaggers were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

RCMP in Burnaby told CTV Vancouver that they managed to track down the alleged driver after she left the scene and placed her under arrest. They say she has not yet been charged but will likely be facing several charges.

Tammy Sampson of the B.C. Flaggers Association says she is disgusted by what is shown in the video.

"That traffic control flag person was clearly standing in an appropriate position to perform her normal traffic control duties and she was in clear, plain view of the white Hyundai,” she said.

"…That is just a complete disregard of human life."

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Penny Daflos