VICTORIA -- It's basically a spruced up downtown outhouse, but Victoria's so-called Langley Street Loo is now known as Canada's best restroom.

A nationwide contest saw Victoria's outdoor, public restroom top four other -- much appreciated -- washrooms in Vancouver, Toronto, and Repentigny, Quebec for biffy supremacy.

Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin says he is flushed with pride at the award, sponsored by Cintas Canada, a company that provides restroom supplies, among other services.

Cintas spokesman Rod Farquharson says the Victoria Loo isn't known for being lavish, but the stainless steel, unisex toilet provides an ecofriendly, convenient and free service.

Fortin says the Langley Street Loo is Victoria's second outdoor facility and is in constant use by tourist traffic and a vibrant nightlife.

The prized public potty, which offers around-the-clock relief, was purchased from the City of Portland, Oregon, last year for $90,000 and is maintained by the city's sanitation crews.