Social media is pouncing on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s official statement on the death of Fidel Castro in which he appears to gloss over the former Cuban dictator’s polarizing brand of Soviet-style communism with the phrase “While a controversial figure …”

Castro’s death was announced on Cuban state television early Saturday. He was 90 years old.

In the statement, Trudeau said “it is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.”

He went on to say that, “While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for ‘el Comandante.’”

The popular Twitter hashtag #trudeaueulogies started trending on Saturday afternoon as thousands applied the Prime Minister’s phrasing to other controversial characters – both real and imagined – ranging from Osama bin Laden to Darth Vader to Genghis Khan.

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