A Toronto man was arrested on Monday for allegedly blaring his speakers in a dispute with a next-door heritage home that has served as a shooting location for several popular Hollywood productions.

The heritage home, used in film shoots including the newly released horror movie “IT” is located in Toronto’s Riverdale, where residents say it’s the source of a lot of noise in an otherwise quiet neighbourhood, especially during shoots at night.

Nick Shcherban, 60, says the noise, traffic and commotion caused by the steady stream of film shoots next door has caused him to have a “total breakdown,” and he wants financial compensation for his hardship.

“Mentally, I’ve been stable my whole life, and then last year with the crescendo of ‘IT’ the movie, I had a total breakdown,” he told CTV Toronto. “It’s just been such a bother.”

Shcherban says film crews have offered to put him and his wife up in a hotel during late-night shoots, but he would rather be financially compensated, or have the filming stop altogether.

He says he decided to “test” his speakers after the property owner refused to pay him for the commotion the film shoots have caused. “I’ve asked for something. This is the way it works,” he said.

Police were called to Shcherban’s Riverdale home on Monday, amid reports of a man blasting music from speakers set up on a table outside the film set, where an HBO production was scheduled. Police say the suspect initially complied with the officers’ request to turn down his music. However, he allegedly turned it back up even louder after they left.

Officers were called back to the scene a short time later, where they once again asked the suspect to turn down his music. The man allegedly refused, then brought his speaker inside and started blasting the music out of a second-storey window.

Police were granted permission to enter his home at this point, and he was placed under arrest.

Shcherban has been charged with criminal harassment, causing a disturbance, public mischief and mischief over $5,000.

Shcherban says there have been 25 film shoots at the house in the last two years. However, city and records and the property’s owners say only 11 permits have been issued

Neighbours told CTV Toronto that they understand Shcherban’s frustration with the noisy film shoots. However, they think he took things too far.

Shcherban was released on bail Tuesday and is due back in court on Oct. 12.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

With files from CTV Toronto