It was almost one year ago that a photo of two Toronto fathers meeting their son for the first time went viral.

BJ Barone and Frank Nelson say “a lot of love" has come into their lives since the birth of their son Milo in a Kingston hospital last June. A photo of the two Toronto fathers embracing their newborn went viral around the world, prompting thousands of messages of support.

Photo of dads holding baby goes viral

The photo was taken by a birth photographer on June 27, 2014, just minutes after Milo was born to a surrogate. 

“I had absolutely no idea it would have the exposure or shares or anything like that,” Barone said in a recent interview at the couple’s home. 

“It just started off our life with Milo in a really positive way for us, everything was positive about him,” Nelson said.

Tor Rowe

Milo is almost a year old now and has taken his first steps and spoken his first words. 

“The fact that we are dads to this little miracle, sometimes I still can’t believe it,” Barone said. 

The couple has since started a blog about the journey of parenthood, giving advice to current and future parents. 

“People say we give them hope and inspiration to start a family one day of their own,” Barone said about the blog.

“I just want him (Milo) to know he’s been loved and accepted and even though people may not like his family, that’s okay,” Barone said. 


With files from CTV’s Ashley Rowe