A Calgary woman says she’s heartbroken after someone broke into her truck, grabbed a bag containing her daughter’s ashes and dumped them on the road.

Colleen Ransom has kept her daughter Emma Ransom’s ashes in a green pouch inside her vehicle ever since the 19-year-old died in a 2009 car crash, along with two other young girls.

On Aug. 2, someone entered Ransom’s parked truck, took the pouch and a green raincoat that belonged to Emma.

Emma’s ashes were dumped on the street a short distance away. Most of the remains were soaked by rain, but Ransom managed to scoop up some of the ashes.

Several other vehicles in the area were also broken into that night.

“I don’t think they realize how impactful it is to the people that they are breaking into,” Ransom told reporters.

“They probably just think it’s a thrill to break into someone’s vehicle.”

Ransom is asking the thieves to at least return her daughter’s raincoat. Along with the ashes, it is one of the few reminders of Emma she has left.

“They’re the only thing I have left of my daughter and I like her to come with me wherever I go,” Ransom said.

Calgary Police are now searching for three teenage girls who were seen in the neighbourhood at the time of the break-ins.

“It’s despicable from my personal opinion, of course,” said acting Sgt. Lee Stanton. “Simply because the woman has been victimized a second time.”

With a report from CTV Calgary’s Karen Owen