Police are investigating after a large bag of marijuana was found in the box of a toy purchased at a Brampton, Ont. Target store.

A boy, 4, and his father went to the Target at Bramalea City Centre, located at 25 Peel Centre Dr., on Wednesday at approximately 4:40 p.m.

The boy picked out an Angry Bird Telepod game and paid $5.41.

When he brought it home, he had trouble opening the package, and asked his mom for help.

She cut open the tape that was sealing the sides of the package and pulled out the figurines.

"When I came back to give it to him I noticed that there was an unusual bag on the couch," said Monika Milewska.

"When I looked at it closer, I noticed it was marijuana," she said.

She and her husband took the bag to Peel Regional Police, who estimated it contained approximately 85 grams of marijuana.

Peel police Const. Thomas Ruttan said officers went to the Target location and searched other toy boxes, but didn't find any more drugs.

He says they are now in the process of looking through many hours of surveillance footage. “We may have to go back a month,” he said. “We don’t know how long it was there.”

Police are also looking through sales records to see whether the toy may have been returned, he said.

Although Target gave the boy a replacement toy, Milewska said she is still not happy.

"That night my son was horrified," she said. "He could not sleep on his own and kept asking us questions - why was it in his toy? Who put it there? What was it?"

"I guess Target lived up to their slogan, 'Expect more, pay less,” she added.

Lewis Pagayatan, the boy’s father, is also upset. “He’s four years old,” he said. “You shouldn’t be explaining to your four-year-old son about drugs, you know?”

When asked about the incident, Target said they are partnering with law enforcement to investigate.

Anyone with more information is asked to contact police at 905-453-2121, ext. 2133, or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).