A Saskatchewan cat is heading back home Saturday, after stowing away on a freight train and travelling several hundred kilometres west.

Tiger was found Sunday under an engine deck by CN Conductor Brad Slater during a regular inspection in Wainright, Alta.

The 12-hour train trip left Tiger with some frostbite and a hearty appetite, but he recovered after Slater gave him some jerky and took him to a veterinarian.

CTV News aired Slater’s plea to find the cat’s owner on Tuesday, and Lynnette Hahn from Melville, Sask., recognized her tabby.

Hahn says she wasn’t sure how Tiger would react when they were reunited in Edmonton, but he went to her as soon as she called and purred while she held him up for the TV news cameras.

Tiger has long been fascinated by trains. Hahn originally found him hanging around the Melville railway station in 2012, and brought him home as a gift for her husband who was undergoing cancer treatments at the time.

Hahn says she’s hoping the pull of the rails isn’t too strong for Tiger and that he stays put from now on, but she’s not so sure he will. “When we drove up today and the train was there,” she said, “he was looking out the window.”

With a report from CTV Edmonton