The Ontario SPCA is doing everything it can to make sure two ponies can keep their special friendship alive.

Dottie is blind and relies on her best friend Scooter to get around. It’s a bond the SPCA is doing its best not to break. They’re looking for a home that can keep the pony pair together.

“They have been together for many years, and Scooter provides a little bit of a ‘seeing eye pony’ service to Dottie, so they’re best friends,” SPCA inspector Tracy Lapping told CTV Northern Ontario on Wednesday.

Dottie and Scooter were surrendered by a local farm that was unable to meet their needs.

Scooter is a riding horse, but never strays too far from his guiding duties.

“If you’re interested in adding a horse to your home, please feel free to look into adoption,” said Lapping.

With a report from CTV Northern Ontario’s Alana Everson