A suspected telephone predator is calling women and threatening to kill them if they don’t engage in sexually explicit conversations, according to a warning put out by RCMP in B.C.

Police say the mystery caller contacts his victims by phone and often correctly identifies their name and home address, then demands they talk to dirty to him. He also claims he’s been watching his victims through hidden cameras in their homes, and that he’ll kill the victim or a family member if his demands are not met. However, police say there is no evidence of hidden cameras at any of the victims’ residences.

Most victims have been contacted at home, although a few cases have involved female employees of lingerie or swimwear shops, RCMP say.

“He appears to be using a telephone spoofing app where it changes the caller identification of the number that he’s using,” Sgt. Janelle Shoihet, of B.C. RCMP, told CTV Vancouver.

The individual is often described as speaking in a quiet voice. Police suspect the caller is culling information on his victims from social media.

The calls started last year and have targeted women as young as their early 20s and as old as 79.

Police say anyone who receives such a threatening phone call should hang up immediately, record the caller’s number and report the incident to law enforcement. They also recommend blocking the caller so it doesn’t happen again.

With files from CTV Vancouver