VANCOUVER -- Prosecutors are seeking four to six months in jail for a Vancouver man who's admitted to beating his dog to death.

The Crown also wants a lifetime ban on animal ownership to be imposed on 26-year-old Brian Whitlock, who was charged with animal cruelty in April.

The charge was laid after "Captain," Whitlock's two-year-old German shepherd, was found in a Dumpster last July, wrapped in a bloody blanket.

Despite emergency care, the dog died from extensive injuries the next day, sparking outrage among animal lovers.

Whitlock's lawyers argued during a sentencing hearing yesterday that he was suffering from paranoia when the incident happened and was convinced the dog had "changed" after eating something off the ground during a walk.

But Crown lawyer Jordan Hauschildt argued that if euthanasia was Whitlock's goal, he could have done it in a more humane way, and that Whitlock does not appear to show any remorse for what he did to the dog.