OTTAWA -- A major seniors group is angry that the federal government is no longer mailing out income tax forms unless asked, but Revenue Minister Gail Shea isn't sympathetic.

CARP says in an open letter that the decision to stop sending the forms will disadvantage those who lack Internet access or who aren't comfortable with online filing. The group also says that people worry about security when filing electronically.

It wants the government to mail forms to everyone who filed on paper last year and to give them a paper option next year, as well.

Shea says paper forms are available on request, at post offices and at Service Canada locations. She says hundreds of thousands of paper forms get tossed out every year.

"Last year, more than 1.3 million packages were mailed out and never used," Shea told the House of Commons.

"That's 80 million pieces of paper that ends up in the garbage. We don't think that's the best, most efficient use of our resources."

Times and attitudes change, she said.

"The way that Canadians file their taxes is changing and we are changing to meet those needs."