The Royal Canadian Navy is expected to receive only eight to 10 ships out of a total 15 it had been promised as part of a multi-billion dollar procurement, CTV News has learned.

The navy first unveiled its project to replace its aging frigates and destroyers in 2007.

It had a fixed budget in $26 billion. But due to inflation alone, the budget is dwindling by $1 million a day.

Insiders told CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson that the fixed budget, red tape and slow decision-making has put the procurement in jeopardy.

According to internal documents obtained by Stephenson, the "Canadian Surface Combatant" program is at "very high risk" of running over budget, behind schedule, lacking skilled manpower, and producing inadequate capabilities.

The Liberals have promised that any money saved by dropping the F-35 procurement would go to the navy.

With files from CTV News' Mercedes Stephenson