A 19-year-old and her newborn daughter are the latest winners of the Atlantic Lottery.

Kelsie Hodgin from Southfield, New Brunswick, cheerfully picked up her giant cheque in Moncton Friday, still stunned that she was now an instant millionaire.

“Crazy. I am shocked. And I still haven't fully processed it because it's a huge deal,” she told reporters.

The teen revealed that she doesn’t normally play the lottery, but she bought a ticket on a whim in Sussex while taking a break from house shopping with her boyfriend.

Now, $7 million richer, Hodgin says she and her boyfriend will instead spend some of the winnings to build a house.

Hodgin doesn’t have any other plans, but says she is going to save the rest of her money for her five-month-old daughter.

New Brunswickers has been striking it rich on lotteries a lot lately. Atlantic Lottery says there have been three big wins in the province in the last two months. And just last week, a couple from Lower Coverdale won nearly $10 million in the Lotto 6/49 draw.