A week of potatoes, cheese curds and gravy has come to an end as Montreal’s inaugural Poutine Week wraps up.

In the city’s first week-long celebration of what’s become a provincial and national symbol, 30 restaurants throughout Montreal took part in the contest that saw patrons indulge in the tasty treat and then vote on their favourites.

Chefs were challenged to create an original Poutine Week special that offers a new twist on the classic favourite.

One concoction dubbed the “Syrian Poutine” included lamb shank, Akkawi cheese imported from Syria, pomegranate, parsley, garlic and lemon juice.

The Breakfast Poutine includes home fries, cheese curds, caramelized pepper and onions and Hollandaise topped with an egg.

As of Saturday afternoon, Poutineville was winning the showdown with 1,185 votes for their General Tao Poutine consisting of home-crushed potatoes, curd cheese, General Tao sauce, scallions and sesame seeds.

A Poutine Week closing party is scheduled for Saturday.