Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is trying to ease concerns about an “X-Men” film production taking over part of the city’s namesake, Mount Royal, and transforming it into New York City’s Central Park during peak tourism season later this month.

A piece of the sprawling park will be used to shoot “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” from Aug. 20 to Aug. 25. It’s the third film since 2013 that the mutant-superhero franchise has filmed in Montreal.

Crews have already started setting up equipment in a parking lot at the park.

Les Amis de la Montagne, a non-profit organization that oversees activities on Mount Royal, has spoken out against the production for using the park during one of the busiest times of the year.

Indeed, Mont Royal is one of Montreal’s most popular destinations. Tourists often take short hikes up the mountain to get a panoramic view of the city. On Sundays in the summer, the park hosts an informal weekly festival called Tam-Tams that includes a drum circle, performance artists and live-action role playing, also known as LARPing.

But the mayor insists that none of that will be compromised by the film shoot.

“Activities on Mount Royal are maintained in full,” Coderre said in a statement on Thursday.

Coderre clarified that filming will take place in the evening at “no inconvenience for park users.” The shoot will include dialogue scenes and some vehicles and isn’t expected to create significant noise.

A section of the parking lot near Remembrance Rd. will be closed until Sept. 2. The entire lot will be off limits from Aug. 20 and Aug. 25 when filming takes place.

The mayor underscored the value that big-budget Hollywood films bring to the city’s economy. He said that between $75- and $80-million of the movie’s $150-million budget will be invested in Montreal, and that 35,000 local jobs rely on the film and audiovisual industry.

“Welcome to the X-Men team,” Coderre wrote.

With files from CTV Montreal