TORONTO -- A comedian who hopped on Toronto's subway tracks to make a "cautionary" video about Pokemon Go says he won't fight a charge against him.

Toronto Transit Commission spokesman Brad Ross said Mark Correia, 20, has been charged with unauthorized access on subway tracks, which carries a set fine of $425.

The YouTube video, called "Pokemon Go Problems," shows Correia walking into various objects, falling over and walking on the subway tracks at Toronto's Union Station, all while looking at his cellphone and evidently playing the popular mobile game.

Correia said transit representatives talked to him a few days ago and explained the charge.

Correia said he and his friends had agreed that if they were charged, they wouldn't "run from it."

"It was not shocking, per se," he said of the charge. "It's scary, but it makes complete sense to us. We did something illegal."

He said the video was supposed to be a warning to people, that they shouldn't get too invested in Pokemon Go or other video games.

"If people didn't believe that, they can believe a fine and court date are a reason not to do it," he said. "And also death."

Ross said death was a real possibility for Correia while he was on the tracks. Ross noted in July that trains at Union Station come in on a curve, so there's no line of sight. He added that Correia could have tripped and touched the third rail, which would have electrocuted him.

"The video as a whole can be funny, but that specific part of it maybe shouldn't be in there," Correia said.