The lawyer representing the families of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French said he was surprised to learn that convicted killer Karla Homolka is possibly residing in a Montreal-area neighbourhood.

Tim Danson said he was not aware that Homolka, who served 12 years in prison after she was convicted for her part in the rape and murder of the two Ontario schoolgirls, was possibly living in Quebec until reports surfaced earlier this week.

Following her release from prison in 2005, Homolka spent years living in the Caribbean.

Earlier this week, a school in Chateauguay sent home letters to parents insisting that their children are safe after reports emerged that Homolka moved to the neighbourhood.

“I was surprised to hear that, not only was she here in Canada and Quebec, but had been here it appears, for some two years,” Danson said.

At the trial for killer Luka Magnotta in October 2014, Homolka’s younger sister revealed during testimony that her sister had moved back to Quebec with her husband.

Danson said he is “not sure” at this point whether his clients should have been warned that Homolka was back in Canada. Danson has always said that Homolka should have been made to serve a similar sentence as her ex-husband, Paul Bernardo, who was deemed a dangerous offender and sentenced to life in prison.

However, Danson pointed that Homolka was released without conditions in 2005.

“She has served her sentence and she’s a free citizen,” Danson said.

Danson also said that he assumes authorities are aware of her presence in the community.

Neither local police nor the school have confirmed the reports of Homolka’s whereabouts, citing privacy concerns.

Meanwhile, the reports have sparked debate among parents in Chateauguay, with some saying they have safety concerns, while others said her children have a right to education and privacy too.

With files from The Canadian Press