A homeowner in Cape Breton is thankful to be alive after a car suddenly crashed into her bedroom.

Carmel Walsh of Glace Bay, N.S. told CTV Atlantic the Pontiac G5 crashed into her home on Saturday night and came to rest on top of her bed, right where she and her dog Allie had been watching television about five minutes earlier.

"It sounded like an explosion," she said. "I just (saw) the car on top of my mattress, just sitting in my room.”

Police say a 33-year-old man was extracted from the vehicle using the Jaws of Life and was transported to hospital. Officers believe alcohol played a factor in the crash, but there is no word on any charges related to the incident.

Still, Walsh holds no ill will toward the driver.

"I'm just so thankful that I'm alive and Allie's alive and that the person who came into my house is still breathing as well,” she said.

"Someone was watching over us, probably my parents and Blaise, my husband who passed away.”

Walsh said it will be a while before she can move back into her home, but that insurance is covering the majority of the damage.

"I'll be OK,” she said. “We can fix the house, but you can't get your life back."

Making this incident even more bizarre, a member of the Cape Breton Regional Police Force and a member of the Glace Bay Volunteer Fire Department crashed into each other on the way to the scene.

The police officer was not injured, but the firefighter was sent to hospital and later released.