A new social media campaign is taking a tougher approach about missing and murdered aboriginal women, choosing not to ask #AmINext, but declare instead #ImNotNext.

Sarah Rainville says she wanted to refocus the messaging of the #AmINext social media campaign that began earlier this month. It saw dozens of aboriginal women posting photos of themselves holding signs reading "#AmINext," to ask whether they would be the next woman to suddenly disappear or be murdered.

Rainville writes in a series of tweets and Facebook posts that the problem with the #AmINext question is that it suggested that becoming a victim was inevitable.

She added in another tweet:

Last week, Rainville posted a picture of herself on her Facebook page holding an #ImNotNext sign and explained in the comments that she would not remain a victim or encourage a culture of victimhood.

Several other women have since latched on the #ImNotNext message, posting similar pictures and thoughts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.