A southern Ontario woman with dozens of cats is searching for a place to live after finding out her rented home was going to be sold.

Liza Nelson found out at the end of May that the house in the village of Staples, Ont., approximately 50 kilometres southeast of Windsor, will be sold. She was told she would have to find a new place to live.

Nelson has been searching for months for a new place to rent, but is struggling to find a homeowner willing to accommodate the 64 cats she plans to bring with her.

Unable to find a home for her and her cats, Nelson issued a public plea.

"I don't need someone to pay our rent and I don't need someone to pay for our food. I don't need any of that," Nelson said through tears.

"I just need some place to go."

Most of Nelson's cats were rescued. One had a broken tail and cigarette burns all over its body, while another had visible damage to its ears. Others were found starving and abandoned, and are still recovering.

She said she first started rescuing cats more than 10 years ago, after coming out of an abusive relationship.

"Who better understands the abuse, the abandonment and neglect?" she asked.

Nelson said if she can't find a home for the cats, she'll be forced to take them to a shelter. She said she's worried they will be euthanized because of their medical conditions.

"If you think about your child, your husband, your pet, and...how much they mean to you, and think about losing them, and multiply that pain by 64, that's what I'm feeling right now."

Melanie Coulter of the Windsor-Essex Humane Society said any shelter, rescue group or other organization Nelson may be able to work with would struggle with the number of cats.

Coulter said the Humane Society has visited Nelson's home in the past and has approved of the care and living conditions.

Nelson was told in May that she'd have to move out on July 11, and said she'll be living in her truck until she finds a home. She said she hopes she'll be able to find a place before she has to bring the cats to a shelter.

"If you put them down you might as well put me down too because they're my heart, they're my purpose and my reason."

Anyone who can help Liza Nelson is asked to contact her at 519-567-7283.

With a report from CTV Windsor's Stefanie Masotti