A Quebec man has issued an unusual ultimatum to get his stolen belongings back. In a Facebook video, he tells the thieves that he has video of them in the act, which he'll give to police if they don't return his things.

In the video, Jonathan Hennessey addresses the thieves directly, letting them know he has footage of them robbing his home. A television, bottles of alcohol and a laptop computer containing family photos were among the stolen items, he says.

"Bravo to the clowns who came and stole things from our house," he says in French. "I have good news for you, I filmed you."

Hennessey, who lives in the Montreal-area suburb of Varennes, says the thieves have until Monday to return the items or else he's going to police.

But the local police say it's never a good idea to deal with criminals on your own.

Gilles Villemaire, a spokesperson for the Richelieu St. Laurent police, says it would be better if Hennessey turned the video over to investigators without issuing an ultimatum.

"You never know with whom you're dealing with," he told CTV Montreal. "I suggest he give us the video and we might find something on that video."

With files from CTV Montreal