An eclectic collection of underground art rests in a high perch in Saskatchewan’s capital city.

Hidden at the top of the bell tower in Knox Metropolitan United Church is what may well be Regina’s most unusual art gallery.

The gallery, which has been in existence for over a decade, is maintained by the church’s bell-ringers and features a slowly growing assortment of donated works by local artists.

“Some people say it’s our leftovers, but a lot of the time it’s the pieces we did for us personally,” artist Amber Fyfe told CTV Regina.

Anyone seeking to access the art must ascend several steep, narrow flights of stairs to reach the bell tower – and then more stairs to climb through a trapdoor in its ceiling, which opens to the gallery. All bell towers contain this sort of dead space at the top, but it is more typically used as a storage room or not used at all.

The gallery is open for public tours by appointment, although few people ever make the trek.