A candlelight vigil for an Edmonton woman who went missing earlier this month turned suddenly violent Sunday night as emotions ran high.

Family and friends of 32-year-old Nadia Atwi had gathered in a square downtown to raise awareness about Atwi’s disappearance when, for reasons that remain unclear, screaming matches and several skirmishes broke out.

Emergency crews were called and one woman was seen being taken into an ambulance for treatment.

Atwi's husband, Ali Fneich, was seen running from a group of people at one point, but returned to the square to speak to reporters.

“Considering what happened, I think the family (is) passing through hard emotions. And we have all to understand that. That's something normal in that cases,” he said.

“We have to find Nadia Atwi. Let our thoughts, our efforts, our everything to take our minds to find information to lead us to her. That's where we have to focus.”

Atwi has been missing for nine days. The kindergarten teacher has bipolar disorder and her husband has said he is concerned for her wellbeing since she has been without her medication.

Atwi was last seen at her home in northeast Edmonton on Dec. 8. Her vehicle, with her cellphone inside, was found that afternoon in a ditch in the city’s Rundle Park. A shoe was found nearby.

Police say Atwi might be seen wandering, could be confused, and might avoid others if approached.

Volunteer searchers and a private canine group will return to Rundle Park Monday to do another search of the area.