MONCTON, N.B. -- Family members of constables Dave Ross, Fabrice Gevaudan and Douglas Larche, killed in June in Moncton, N.B., by Justin Bourque, gave victim impact statements Monday at a sentencing hearing as Crown attorney Cameron Gunn made his arguments.

Here are excerpts of what was heard in the Court of Queen's Bench:

"You were our girls' daddy and our hero, I can't believe you won't be here tomorrow. ... No more playing in the snow, no more being here to watch our girls grow. ... No more daddy to read stories at night, no more daddy to tuck the girls in at night. ... No more walking in the rain. Oh, how we suffered so much pain." -- The victim impact statement of Nadine Larche, which took the form of a poem, about her life now with their three young daughters.

"My family was undeniably broken." -- Gevaudan's father Jacques.

"Each day I have the reality that I will not see him again. ... I raised a wonderful man who gave his life trying to save others. ... There is now only a void -- no voice, no sound." -- Helene Rousseau, Ross's mother, in her statement to the court.

"Having a newborn son has increased the stress and tension of losing my husband. ... I am physically exhausted all the time. ... My husband will not be there for the milestones that my son will reach. .... Every milestone will be a reminder that my sons have lost their father. ...

"He was ripped away from us. ... He completed me .... I felt I could face anything with him by my side. ... We truly loved each other. Every day I just wish he would come home. Our lives are shattered." -- Ross's wife Rachael recorded her victim impact statement, which was played in court.

"He targeted them not because of any animosity to them specifically, not for lust or greed or any of the normal things you might see in a murder sentencing. He targeted them specifically because of who they were, what they did, the badge they carried, the flash on their shoulders, the uniform they wore. ...

"His actions took not just the lives of three dedicated police officers ... but also the lives of sons, brothers, husbands and fathers; fathers who now will never again experience the precious moments of a child's life." -- Gunn in his opening statement to the court.