An Edmonton man who left a negative Google review about a local tech company has been threatened with a six-figure lawsuit if he doesn’t take down what he wrote.

David Dube gave a one-star review against TechPro Computer Solutions in Edmonton after he says the company failed to call him back when they said they would.

Shortly after, the company contacted him and told him that he would face a $150,000 defamation lawsuit if he didn’t take the review down.

“They made a commitment to call back in a certain amount of time...and they didn't do that," Dube told CTV Edmonton.

"If you don't follow through, you don't deserve a good rating."

A representative for TechPro Computer Solutions refused to provide an interview or a statement on the matter, but told CTV Edmonton they’re serious about the lawsuit and that Dube’s review is fake.

Actions like this are nothing new. In May, a woman left a negative one-star TripAdvisor review against a restaurant in the U.K. and was later threatened with a potential lawsuit.

In July, a psychiatrist in South Carolina sued an anonymous critic for a one-star review, even though the review didn’t have any comments.

It can be hard for businesses choosing to tackle negative reviews through the legal system, says Fred Kozak, a media and defamation lawyer in Edmonton.

"The business faces an uphill daunting challenge to win the lawsuit,” he said.

Dube said he has no plans to take down the comment and is satisfied with what he wrote about his experience with the company.

"I should not be penalized for telling the truth,” he said. "It's all about how you treat your customers."

With a report from CTV Edmonton’s Dan Grummett.