A dog allegedly stolen by somebody who left an eerie message for his owner has been found.

Buckaroo the Labrador retriever was returned to his owner at an animal shelter in Oakville, Ont. on Thursday.

Over Facebook messenger, Jordin Legate, the owner’s sister-in-law told CTVNews.ca that they received a tip from a neighbour to check the Oakville & Milton Humane Society.

“I called the shelter this morning and they had him!” she wrote. “(We) went and got him 2 hours ago. He’s home now with me.”

She added that the OPP were also contacted by a lawyer in Oakville, Ont.

Jordin Legate had told CTVNews.ca that shortly after her brother-in-law's one-year-old dog went missing, the family received a note accusing them of neglecting Buckaroo and warning them to stop looking for him.

The dog had been with his owner and others on vacation at a cottage in Cloyne, Ont., near Ottawa, when he was taken last week.

Five days later, the family received a typed note reading "I have your dog, so stop looking for him. He deserves a better life than you gave him."

Legate said the dog appeared to be skinny, underweight and missing hair due to a recently-discovered food allergy, not because of neglect.

Buckaroo appeared to be in good health Thursday, CTV News Ottawa reported. It was not immediately clear how he ended up in Oakville, which is 300 kilometres away from Cloyne.