Canada’s top weather expert says the nation is in for a hotter summer than 2017.

Dave Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, says weather models show warmer-than-normal conditions across all the provinces and Yukon.

“From coast to coast to almost coast. The only area showing cooler than normal would be, say, northern Quebec and into Nunavut,” he told CTV News Channel Tuesday.

Phillips says American climatologists are also predicting higher temperatures, a good sign for Canadian predictions.

“If this is going to be a warmer-than-normal summer, most of the warm air has to come from the south, from the United States.”

Phillips says the heat will bring humidity to Canada’s east, along with thunderstorms. But he expects many people will be happy, especially given the long winter and cold, wet early spring experienced in much of Canada. In many Canadian communities, April was historically cold.

“It’s a pent-up feeling that we’re owed a decent kind of summer.”

There is a word of caution, though. At the beginning of March, Phillips told CTV News Channel that Environment Canada was predicting that spring would be warmer than normal, too.