Becoming a grandmother is an important milestone in a woman's life, but not many can claim to be a great-great-great grandmother.

Vera Sommerfield, 96, is the matriarch of six generations of women in Lethbridge, Alta., who are gathering to celebrate the birth of the youngest member: Callie Marsh.

"It is very special to think that there are that many generations," said Sommerfeld. "I never thought I'd live to be 96 for one thing and I hope I'm here for a little while longer to see that baby grow up a little bit."

Sommerfield is the first in the six generations which includes:

  • Gwen Shaw, Callie's great-great grandmother;
  • Grace Couturier, Callie's great grandmother;
  • Amanda Cormier, her grandmother;
  • Alisa Marsh, Callie's mother

Alisa Marsh, Callie's mother and Sommerfield's great-great granddaughter, says Sommerfield used to tease her about when she would get pregnant and add to the extended family.

"On my wedding day she asked me if I was pregnant and then from then on every time I would visit," Marsh said.

Marsh says she always wanted to have children, but didn't expect to be a mother at 20.

The family works to meet up at least once a month, but the sheer number of relatives occasionally means one will Skype in to take part.

The size of the family has garnered attention across the country, with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau welcoming the latest addition in a Facebook post.

The family says they're taken aback by the response to Callie's birth but says it's important to celebrate family.

"I thought we might get a bit of recognition for it, but I didn't expect this much. But it's always special to invite a new family member, it doesn't matter what generation they're in," said Shaw.

With a report from CTV Calgary's Terry Vogt