The trial for two men accused in the death of Ancaster, Ont. father Tim Bosma heard testimony from four witnesses on Thursday, including the uncle of one of the suspects.

Dellen Millard's uncle, Robert Burns, took the stand briefly at the Hamilton courtroom, telling the jury that Millard had made inquiries about animal incinerators.

Millard, 30, and Mark Smich, 28, have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the case. The Crown alleges that Millard and Smich killed Bosma, then disposed of his body in an incinerator called "The Eliminator."

Burns told the court he was "blown away" when he heard from a neighbour that Millard wanted to start a pet cremation business. Burns said Millard told the neighbour that he and his uncle would go into the business together. He told the court they had never had a conversation about entering into a business together.

Burns was also asked about his relationship with the accused, which he described as "distant."

He said he hadn't spoken to Millard since Easter of 2013.

Earlier in the day, the court heard from John Alma, a supervisor at a masonry located next to the Millard Air hangar. Alma told the court he saw a truck towing a large, black trailer away from the hangar in the days after Bosma was reported missing. The drive-by was captured on the masonry's security camera, and footage was shown to the court earlier this week.

Alma said he saw two men get out of the truck and go into the hangar, then come back out with an orange tarp. He said they threw the tarp in the trailer and drove away.

Several tarps were found inside the trailer containing Bosma's stolen truck, which was found parked in Millard's mother's driveway in Kleinburg, Ont.

The court also heard Thursday from a Waterloo Regional Police officer who followed Millard from the hangar to a bank shortly after Bosma and his truck disappeared.

A man who works for an aviation company was also called to the stand on Thursday afternoon.

Spencer Hussey told the court that he had a working relationship with Millard, and once worked for the family company. He described the area where he had seen an animal incinerator at the Millard family farm, adding that no animals lived at the farm.

Hussey said he saw a truck believed to belong to Tim Bosma at the hangar during a meeting on May 8, 2013, and said Millard looked tired.

Bosma disappeared on the night of May 6, after taking two strangers on a test drive of a pick-up truck he was trying to sell.

Bosma's charred remains were found more than a week later on a farm near Ayr, Ont.

With files from CTV Kitchener's Nicole Lampa and CTV Toronto's John Musselman