TORONTO -- One of the country’s largest retailers, Walmart Canada, will no longer offer its price-matching program come October.

In a statement, the company said they will be discontinuing their ad match program due to a decrease in usage and delays at checkout.

“Over time, we have seen minimal usage of our Ad Match program, while at the same time the program has been causing delays at the checkout. As a result, we are discontinuing our Ad Match program in all stores and on effective Oct. 15,” the statement read.

A spokesperson confirmed to over the phone that the change is not COVID-related and Walmart Canada will be emphasizing their savings pricing program known as “rollbacks.”

According to their website, stores across Canada will continue to accept coupons but price-matching will only be accepted up until Oct. 15.

The only price-match that will continue to be accepted at the retailer is for items from their online store, however some limitations may apply.