Angry Scotiabank customers have taken to social media to complain of mislabelled credit card payments and long wait times while on hold.

Scotiabank confirmed Sunday that it was having “an issue where legitimate charges on your credit card are mislabelled as BNS Ins.”

Luz Gomez Vallejo, from Montreal, tweeted that she had several charges labeled as a life insurance fee from Scotiabank and had been on hold on the toll-free number for an hour.

Several other Scotiabank customers complained of the same issue, with Scotiabank confirming that the “issue applies to transactions from October 18 to 20.” 

"We are currently experiencing a technical issue that is causing some credit card pending transactions to display incorrectly on customer accounts,” a Scotiabank spokesman told

“We appreciate the patience of our customers as technical teams work to resolve the matter.”

The bank apologized for the inconvenience and hoped “to have a resolution soon.”