A Toronto man is getting paid $50 an hour to do what he loves: smoke marijuana and rate it.

Kyle Merkley is one of eight people on the “cannabis curation committee” at Ahlot, which sells “curated collections” containing different kinds of weed.

More than 25,000 applied for the job last fall, which Merkley compares to reviewing different wines. It’s part-time. He still has a day job in music production.

“It’s quite fun,” Merkley told CTV News Channel on Monday. “This is something I’ve already been doing.”

Merkley said his personal ranking system includes the look, smell, taste, effect and x-factor of a given strain. The x-factor is a rare quality that makes its stand out.

Cannabis can “enrich people’s lives” in different ways, because different strains provide different experiences, according to Merkley said.

“Helping people discover what’s out there is kind of a personal mission of mine,” he said.