Boxing Day brought more snow for British Columbians, who are already coping with the fallout from recent snowstorms.

In Burnaby, B.C., about 8,000 people found out they would not be taking the SkyTrain home from the mall when the service shut down on Friday afternoon.

Police say they need to find another way home from their shopping sprees -- but the problem is that all the roads between Vancouver and Hope are a complete mess.

In the Fraser Valley alone, many rollovers and line-ups could be seen on area roads throughout Friday.

Police say residents should stay off the roads if they can.

The heavy snowfalls caused the collapse of several rooftops and awnings in the Lower Mainland, including the front canopy of a Home Depot in Coquitlam, B.C.

And at Vancouver International Airport, it was another day of delays for would-be travelers.

The runways were clogged with snow all day, and required a half-hour of maintenance clearing every few hours on Friday.

At least 35 flights had been cancelled on Friday, most of them Air Canada Jazz flights.

WestJet cancelled several inter-provincial flights to Edmonton and Calgary.

Don Ehrenholz, vice-president of airport operations, told CTV British Columbia that Friday's weather conditions had brought many kinds of delays to the airport.

"There are delays on the taxiways, there are some delays at the gates trying to push aircraft off. A lot of the equipment doesn't have snow tires and so it's tough to push airplanes around out there," he said.

"The de-icing bays are fully functional and working, but there are some waits to wait for the snowplows to go by before they get out to the runways."

As of Friday evening, the most recent weather reports from Environment Canada predicted heavy snowfalls of between 15 and 30 centimetres for parts of the B.C. interior.

Along the B.C. coast, high winds, snow, freezing rain and even rainfall were expected to hit the area through Friday night and into Saturday.

Also Friday, the Canadian Avalanche Centre has issued a special warning for the south coast and north shore areas because of the snow expected to fall.