Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG plans to build a modern battery-powered version of BMW’s post-war Isetta microcar and sell it in Europe as a low-speed quadracycle.

Micro’s Microlino would be powered by a 20-horsepower electric motor, be able to nail roughly 100 km/h (60 mph), and could travel about 100 to 120 km (60 to 75 miles) on a full charge.

The company’s classifying the Microlino an L7e quadracycle would mean it wouldn’t need to meet automobile safety standards, and that it would compete directly with vehicles like Renault’s Twizy, though at a higher price (less than $12,000 USD, to the Twizy’s $8,300 USD).

Micro is hoping to begin building Microlinos in 2017, and has not yet announced any intention of bringing the car to North America. 

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The Isetta was originally built in 1953 by Iso before that manufacturer sold the production rights to BMW. The German automaker turned out some 160,000 examples of the microcar, and it’s been credited with saving the company when it was about to go under.