Are you already dreaming about the weekend? If so, we have a Dream Big Wednesday story to give you some inspiration for your next holiday with a loved one.

Plus, your daily dose of five things to know: a new report is raising the alarm on the industrial chemical bisphenol A in food can linings and lids; former MP Jean Lapierre, his spouse, siblings and the plane’s crew died in a crash in the Iles-de-la-Madeleine; Rob Ford's funeral is in Toronto today; the federal government says it will look to expand the Syrian refugee program; and a CTV News-TSN exclusive on an NHL concussion study group that was disbanded.

1. Buyer Beware: Despite the push to remove bisphenol A from food packaging, the industrial chemical is still present in an "alarming" number of food can linings and lids, according to a new report. We have an infographic with tips to avoid it.

2. Jean Lapierre: Former MP Jean Lapierre and members of his family were among those killed in a plane crash on Tuesday as they headed to eastern Quebec to attend a funeral for Lapierre's father.

3. Ford's funeral: Rob Ford's funeral is set to take place today. His casket will be taken in a procession from Toronto city hall to St. James Cathedral, with Doug Ford inviting members of the public to walk along.

4. Expanding refugee programs: Immigration Minister John McCallum is set to make three main commitments on refugees during an address to a meeting that includes the UN secretary general. Among the commitments is a pledge to expand the Syrian refugee program.

5. CTV News-TSN exclusive: For a full decade after the NHL launched its concussion study in 1997, Pittsburgh neurologist Dr. Chip Burke and his colleagues examined NHL rules, pored over videos of player injuries, and spoke with NHL players, team doctors and trainers and league officials in a quest to make the game safer. Find out what happened next.

And one more thing for "Dream Big Wednesday": Whether you’ve just recently agreed to become "Facebook official," or you’re celebrating many years of marriage, a couples’ vacation can be an ideal way to spend time with your significant other. But how do you pick the right destination for your relationship status? Here are some expert tips.

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