Strapped for time but looking for a quick morning update? Well, we've got it.

Here are the five things you need to know this Tuesday: U.S. President Barack Obama is set to announce new gun control measures; some prominent Canadian women are urging the government to make the Senate gender equal; protesters sabotaged an Enbridge pipeline in Ontario; some Uber users are considering legal action in the wake of pricey New Year's Eve rides; and a Canadian elementary student is the world's youngest DJ.

1. Bypassing Congress: U.S. President Barack Obama unveiled plans to change federal gun control guidelines to expand background checks to cover more firearms sold at places like gun shows. It’s unclear how much the new rules will do to reduce the scourge of gun violence in the country, however, considering that research has suggested few criminals obtain their weapons at gun shows.

2. Equal Senate: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being urged to create a gender-equal Senate by filling all of the current vacancies with female candidates.

3. Enbridge pipeline: A flow on a pipeline through southwestern Ontario was shut down for several hours by protester activity, Enbridge Inc. says. According to the energy distribution company, protesters partially restricted flow on Enbridge Line 7 on Sunday night. A group claimed responsibility for the sabotage online, saying it was to protest the flow of oilsands products through Ontario pipelines.

4. Any case? Some New Year's Eve revellers are contemplating taking legal action against Uber after getting extraordinarily high bills. However, they may be just as unlucky pursuing their fares through a lawsuit.

5. World’s youngest DJ: While his elementary school peers study the violin or clarinet, Brandan Duke is finding his musical talent in scratching and blending beats. The nine-year-old is studying the art of DJing, a form of electronic music performance usually restricted to nightclubs he's not old enough to attend. It all started with his dad’s turntables.