Strapped for time but looking for a quick morning update? Well, we've got it.

Here are the five things you need to know this Tuesday: the Liberal government's adjusted forecast is raising eyebrows; a Toronto man who killed three children and their grandfather in a drunk driving crash will be sentenced today; a vigil was held Monday night for a slain Manitoba teen; Mike Duffy's lawyer is set to begin his closing arguments; and a 106-year-old woman shares her tale of meeting the U.S. president.

1. Big difference: The Liberal government made a $40-billion adjustment in their economic forecast. Could they be preparing Canada for a gloomy budget to ultimately exceed expectations? Here's what former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page thinks.

2. Sentencing hearing: A sentencing hearing is scheduled today for Marco Muzzo, a Toronto man who caused a horrific crash that killed three children and their grandfather.

3. Vigil held for slain teen: Roughly 1,000 people gathered at a First nations smudging ceremony in Winnipeg on Monday night in honour of a slain teenager. Cooper Nemeth's body was found on Sunday after he had gone missing on Feb. 14.

4. Duffy trial: Mike Duffy's lawyer is set to begin his presenting his closing argument today. On Monday, the Crown claimed Duffy's actions were dishonest and corrupt.

5. Dancing for joy: Virginia McLaurin never thought she'd live to 106, and she never dreamed she'd be invited to the White House to meet America's first black president. She shared her story with Joy Malbon about what it was like to dance with Barack Obama for Black History Month.