A new report is highlighting the growing wait times patients face at Canadian hospitals for medically necessary surgery, and says Canadians are waiting a record amount of time. Plus, an Atlantic Canada mayor has the solution to your housing and commuting woes.

1. Wait times: A new report from the Fraser Institute claims that Canadian patients face a median wait time of 21.2 weeks for medically necessary treatment, the longest ever recorded in more than 20 years of tracking.

2. Hero thanked: A suspect has been charged after a teenage girl says she was attacked on a commuter train in Vancouver because she was wearing a hijab.

3. Lyme disease: New tests for Lyme disease could allow doctors to identify the infection faster and more accurately than ever before.

4. Move away: The mayor of Saint John, N.B. is urging those disillusioned by high home prices and long commutes in Toronto and Vancouver to head to his community. A typical house in Saint John costs one-quarter as much as one would in Toronto and twice as many people have 15-minute commutes than they would in Vancouver.

5. Marsupial discovered: Australian researchers say they have discovered an extinct species of marsupial lion. The new discovery, dubbed Wakaleo schouteni, was a meat-eating animal that hunted in Australian rainforests 18-26 million years ago.