TORONTO -- Canada has now administered at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to 47.5 per cent of the country's eligible population. Here’s what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Long-term care: A report by the Canadian military describes "heartbreaking" and "horrifying" conditions within two Toronto long-term care facilities. 

2. Vaccines abroad: Amid a push to have as much of the Canadian population vaccinated as quickly as possible, the federal public health agency says it doesn't know how many Canadians have received COVID-19 vaccines in other countries

3. Stuck in India: Hari Gopal Garg and his wife Komal Garg, who flew to India to adopt a 14-month-old girl, have been stuck there since Ottawa banned flights from the country overwhelmed by a surge of COVID-19 infections. 

4. Online content: After suggesting that, under Bill C-10, the CRTC could impose regulations on individuals who have a large enough following online, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault now says that's not the case

5. Census 101: What do Canadians need to know to complete the first census ever delivered during a pandemic

One more thing…

'Mars isn't dead': A new study suggests evidence of recent volcanic activity on Mars shows that eruptions could have taken place in the past 50,000 years, raising the possibility of recent habitable conditions below the planet's surface. 

Elysium Planitia region on Mars