A protester set himself on fire outside the Chinese Embassy in Turkey, one of many worldwide protests against China set to coincide with the opening of the Olympics.

The demonstrator who set himself on fire was identified as a 35-year-old Uighur, the ethnic minority seeking independence from China.

In Beijing, three Americans from Students for a Free Tibet were arrested for planning to hold a demonstration with Tibetan flags near the stadium where the opening ceremonies took place.

Hundreds of Tibetan activists were arrested after holding a demonstration outside the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal Friday to protest Beijing's rule in the Himalayan territory.

More than 400 people were taken into custody but would likely be freed Friday evening, police said.

The protesters, many of whom are women, stood outside the embassy chanting, "China thief, leave our country. Stop killing in Tibet."

Activists fighting for improved human rights and religious and political freedom in China planned demonstrations in major capital cities around the world to coincide with the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Beijing Friday.

The Games, which have been carefully planned for the past seven years has become a significant source of national pride in Beijing. The government and law enforcement officials have done all that they can to ensure the Games proceed without incident.

Authorities have deported foreign nationals caught protesting in Tiananmen Square this week. Authorities have closed off the Square -- which has become a symbol of both the government's power and the wish for reform - and have barred trains from stopping at two adjacent rail stations.

Another group of foreign activists were deported Thursday after authorities found banners saying "Free Tibet" posted on lamp posts outside the Beijing National Stadium.

Even local residents who protested losing their homes to make way for the city's Olympic redevelopment were taken into custody.

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