A heartening video of a Chicago man surprising his father with the baseball glove he has wanted ever since emigrating to the United States from Cuba as a little boy has gone viral.

In the video, shared by Juan-Elias Riesco on his Facebook page on Saturday, Riesco’s father unwraps a birthday gift and wipes away tears as he discovers it is a Wilson A200 baseball mitt.

“In the late 60s, my grandma told my dad they were leaving Cuba, but only to get my father (who was 9 years old at the time) his dream baseball mitt – the Wilson A200,” the caption of the Facebook post reads. “Today for his birthday, almost 50 years later, I was finally able to get him that glove he came to America for.”

“You can finally go back to Cuba now,” an onlooker says in the video. “You got your glove.”

The video was filmed at Nini’s Deli, a Latin American restaurant that opened in 2010 and that Riesco co-owns with his father. The restaurant was named after Riesco’s sister, according to an interview he gave to the website “The Hundreds.”

Riesco’s father got his first job as a teenager working at his neighbourhood deli. He later opened a deli and supermarket across the street from where Nini’s is now.