An Oklahoma woman has been charged with second-degree arson after allegedly firebombing her neighbour’s home, in an incident that appeared to be captured by her own security camera.

Security footage allegedly shows her firing gunshots into the neighbouring home before firebombing the property, according to social media verification service Storyful.

The Del City Fire Department was called to the address of a condemned home on June 10, after receiving numerous calls about a house fire. While firefighters were on scene, witnesses reported an ongoing conflict between the neighbours.

Annie Dunham, the woman pictured in the video, consented to the examination of her own security footage, which appeared to show the alleged incident.

Investigators allege Dunham fired two shots into the house before tossing a lit towel inside.

Dunham was arrested and charged with second-degree arson and discharging a firearm into a home.

None of the allegations have been tested in court.