A Florida woman has been charged with animal abuse after a video showed her allegedly putting her family dog into the trunk of a car and driving off.

The woman had been visiting a Florida animal shelter last week to see if her dog could be taken in or euthanized, Brevard County police said. “She no longer wanted to keep it,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said in a Facebook video post.

After the shelter told her they don’t euthanize dogs and couldn’t house the animal, staff told police she became “extremely angry” and returned to her car. The Brevard County Sherriff’s Office said she then put the animal in the trunk of a car and drove off.

Soon after, shelter staff notified police who arrested the woman the next day. Ivey said the dog, who appeared “visibly emaciated,” was taken away from the woman.

The veterinarian at the sheriff’s office told police the animal was “in very poor health and extremely malnourished.”