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Watch: Mom shields son and sits perfectly still after bear takes over picnic table

Heart-stopping video shows a mother shielding her son from a black bear that jumped on a picnic table and feasted on their food.

Silvia Macias and her son, Santiago, were picnicking at Chipinque Ecological Park in Mexico, when the bear suddenly jumped on their table. Macias was captured covering her son’s eyes, holding him close to her chest, and sitting completely still as the bear devoured their enchiladas and tacos.

At one point, the animal came just inches away from the boy’s face, but the mother did not flinch.

Macias says her son, who has Down syndrome, is afraid of animals, so she covered his eyes so he would not scream or run.

The bear left the table after four minutes, when Macias held a plate of food up and threw it.

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