As Belgians observed a minute of silence in Brussels Wednesday in memory of the those killed and injured in terror attacks a day earlier, Immersia Films captured the scene in a 360 degree video taken from the centre of the crowd.

The crowd had gathered in Place de la Bourse, an open square near the former stock exchange building in the city centre, to share the moment together.

The pavement of the pedestrian area was covered in colourful chalk drawings and messages that ranged from grief to patriotism to defiance against terror. As the moment of silence came to an end, the crowd broke into applause, followed by songs from the crowd.

Watch the video and scroll up and to the sides to immerse yourself in the experience. (This video works only on desktop on certain browsers, and not on mobile browsers.)


A minute of silence

On September 11, I was in the West Village, I started to film the twin towers in flame. The first thing I saw was people jumping off. I immediately stopped and decided that day to never cover news ever again. Last night, my 7 year old son could not fall asleep. Like all of us, he was afraid and feeling really sad. I decided to go to Bruxelles today for my kid, for all our kids and show them humans of all ages, races and religions standing together for our values and our freedom. Terrorists will NEVER win We will overcome!

Posted by Immersia Films on Wednesday, 23 March 2016