Dramatic video has captured members of the U.S. Coast Guard jumping onto a submarine suspected of drug smuggling in order to intercept the vessel.

The video from June 18, released on Thursday, shows multiple coast guard vessels chasing down the “narco-submarine” before a few of the officers jump onto the ship. Soon after, one of the officers begins repeatedly banging on a hatch before an unidentified person opens it.

The coast guard said the interception is part of a US$569 million drug bust involving 14 vessels between May and June. In total, the crew confiscated 17,690 kilograms of cocaine and 423 kilograms of cannabis in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence, who was in San Diego, Calif., for the drop off, said 55 alleged smugglers will be prosecuted.

“Your courageous service is saving American lives,” Pence told the coast guard workers during his speech.