Amateur video shows the moment a hot air balloon crashed into a crowd at a Missouri festival on Saturday.

The balloon was part of the City of Hannibal’s bicentennial celebration, which included a hot air balloon festival.

Multiple videos show people in the crowd screaming as they realize the balloon is headed for a rough landing. A person inside the basket can be seen ducking right before at least two people were knocked to the ground.

"Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, and the event continued," the organizing committee told CNN. The committee said on Facebook Sunday that “due to winds, the hot air balloons CANNOT launch this morning!”

One witness who recorded the balloon heading straight towards her wrote on Facebook that it was “the last way I would have thought I might die.”

“If you look, you can see us being waved to move,” Stephanie Haught wrote. “Stopped recording, grabbed the kids, and ran right in time for this to come crashing down where we were. Several people were hit. I need a drink.”