Violent skirmishes rocked Venezuela’s capital city on Tuesday after opposition leader Juan Guaido issued a call to topple Nicolas Maduro, the country’s embattled president.

Video showed armoured vehicles plowing into a group of anti-Maduro demonstrators in Caracas. Two people were seen being taken away from that scene for medical treatment. One official said at least 50 people were injured in the violence in total.

Outside the capital, one death was reported at an anti-Maduro protest in the city of La Victoria.

Maudro’s defence minister described Guaido’s actions as an “attempted coup” and an act of terrorism.

There did not appear to be significant military support for Guaido’s challenge. The would-be Venezuelan leader has received support from the U.S., Canada, Brazil and much of the European Union, all of whom have stated that they now recognize him as the country’s leader.

Maudro, meanwhile, has the backing of an international coalition including Russia, China, Turkey and Iran.

With files from The Associated Press